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Landry’s Seafood House – Here just steps from the Gulf Of Mexico you can experience some of Galveston’s finest Seafood with a great panoramic view.  Upon Arrival at our properties Ask for your Complimentary Appetizer or Dessert Voucher. Don’t forget to ask us to arrange your dining reservations!

Del Sol Del Sol is recognized as the leader in the industry for color-changing, retail-specialty products, and the only worldwide producer of Spectrachrome® crystal dyes. Their product line features the brightest and most vibrant colors of the rainbow. Simply add the sun’s ultraviolet rays to our products and watch the Spectrachrome® colors magically appear! Upon Arrival at our properties ask for your Coupon for Complimentary Souvenir Galveston Island Tote Bag!

Rainforest Café – No other dining experience is quite as wild as the Rainforest Café! With state-of-the-art décor and animations, it’s a real jungle in there! Located inside an erupting Volcano, a life-sized gorilla pounds his chest in the bushes. A trumpeting elephant rears its head. Exotic birds sing and butterflies float under a lush canopy of banyan trees and flowering vines. Cool mists float through the air, amid sounds of far-off thunder and cascading waterfalls. Huge aquariums of tropical fish add a live element. Receive your coupon for complimentary Kids Meal or Dessert upon check in at our properties.

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1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ funds land conservation projects on Galveston Island. These permanently protected lands helps preserve: our beach, bay and upland ecosystems; ocean and bay view sheds; wildlife and avian habitats; recreational access; and, clean water. Ask How you can Donate 1% of your Room Rate to help conserve and build for generations to come!