Ghost Crab Searching at Night… Fun for the whole family

Ghost Crab Searching at Night… Fun for the whole family

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Ghost Crabs Searching in Galveston

Hunting ghost crabs is a wonderful family activity, and it’s free! All you need is a quiet night, a beach, and a flashlight. Most people who hunt these tiny crustaceans are just looking for an excuse to run on the beach at night. Regardless of your motivations for hunting ghost crabs throughout our magical island; you’ll need to find the right beachfront rental that permits quick beach access. You’re in luck because at A B Sea Resorts we offer a wide range of Galveston beach rentals complete with our outstanding service and attention to details.

Ghost Crabs

An essential part of searching for these tiny crabs is knowing what they look like and where they live, so here’s a brief description to help you in your search. Ghost crabs, also known as Sand crabs, are named after their camouflage ability as they blend into the sandy beaches and dunes, they call home. Ghost crabs are semi-terrestrial tiny crabs, and their pinch isn’t too painful. They have six strong legs that help them run up to 10 mph, allowing them to disappear quickly. During the day they dig burrows. Their two black eyes, allow them to see 360 degrees simultaneously; however, they can’t see directly over their head. They’re easier to spot at night when they feed on clams, lizards, insects, detritus, and other crabs.

Ghost Hunting and Galveston beach rentals  

Ghost crabs dig tunnels that can go as deep as three to four feet, extending into the water table below. The design their sandy homes to open into a chamber so they can turn-around and hibernate in during the winter. While sleeping in their burrows, they hold their breath, for up to six weeks, by storing oxygen in special sacs near their gills. When they’re not hibernating, they periodically wet their gills to filter oxygen from the sea or water near their digging grounds. Although they cannot swim, they’ll occasionally enter the shallow waters to escape predators, like birds and raccoons. You’re now ready to hit the beach and search the Galveston Beach Ghosts with your loved ones, but make sure to book one of our Galveston beach rentals for quick and easy access to the shore. The whole family will create lasting memories as you search the seashores of Galveston throughout the night in search of sneaky Ghost crabs. Book your spring getaway with A B Sea Resorts today!


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