Holidays at AB Sea Resorts

Holidays at AB Sea Resorts

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As you start thinking of the Holidays, A B Sea Resorts’ the spot for your family gatherings. Our Galveston Island condo rentals will host your family and our historical down will bring the magic for spectacular Holidays!

Halloween in Galveston

Galveston was made for Halloween! Sure, it’s renowned for sunny summers, but its rich history will undoubtedly fulfill your Halloween fears. If you dare wander through the historical streets of haunted mansions or on the beach shores after hearing the tales of sailors lost at sea, will bet the wind’s haunting whine through the desert town will give you chills! If you prefer more controlled spooky environments checkout some guided tours and haunted houses excursions, such as the Haunted Harbor Tour, the Ghost Tour at Ashton Villa, or the Graveyard Tour. If you’re feeling adventurous join Dash Beardsley, known as the “Ghost Man of Galveston,” as he leads you through some of the most historically fascinating and frightening tours of the island.

Thanksgiving in our Galveston Island condo rentals

After Halloween, it may feel like Thanksgiving gets trumped by the Christmas frenzy. But in Galveston, we understand Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that still brings families together as they gather in thankfulness and for a feast. When you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving on Galveston Island, whether you cook a traditional meal in your rental or you find one of our local restaurants for a family buffet meal. You’ll enjoy gathering in our Galveston Island condo rentals as you won’t worry about anything but spending time with loved ones.

Christmas in Galveston

We know we just said we wouldn’t let Christmas trump Thanksgiving; however, it is the most wonderful time of the year! So, we will briefly mention some of the reasons Galveston is known as the Winter Wonder Island of Texas! With more than fifty days of magical activities from November through January, you’ll have plenty of reasons to find out why our Galveston Island condo rentals are your home away from home this year!


You won’t regret bringing the family to Texas for the holidays! Between our spooky Halloween stories to glorious family days in Galveston, you’ll love our Galveston Island condo rentals for fun A B Sea Resorts Holidays.

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